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Krostal has over 10 years of experience in the steel industry. We provide steel machining and steel structure prefabrication services.

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Other services

We produce barbecues, grills and garden architecture elements

Fire has always fascinated people. Its heat gives warmth, its light illuminates and soothes, the and the magic of the flames create a unique ambience to be enjoyed by everyone. Fire transforms the ordinary walls of every traditional and modern home into a cosy living environment.


Give fire skilfully enclosed in steel its rightful place in your surroundings.

From design to execution, we will make sure that fire and steel will fit perfectly into your surroundings to give hours of pleasure, comfort and warmth.


Just as much as you enjoy your garden and patio every season, the barbecues and grills that we manufacture have given much joy to their users through their timeless aesthetics and durability.


We produce:


  Standard, robust and well--proven barbecues and grills based on tried and tested solutions

  Bespoke products that can make exceptional gifts or a unique decorative element complementing your garden or patio.


All our standard and fire pit barbecues and grills are made of sheet metal at least 3 - 4 mm in thickness. They are coated with heat resistant, high temperature paint and selected models are also available with a stainless steel grate or a cast iron pot.

Create your own cosy corner in your garden or patio to provide hours of unforgettable moments by the fire.


We also produce garden furniture and garden and patio decorative elements:



   Gazebos and arbours



  Plant and flower pots


Almost every piece is designed by us from scratch. We also have ready-made products and similar designs in our offer. We create elements made entirely from steel and combined with wood and composite elements.

Whether you are interested in standard or non-standard executions, send us a photo with the dimensions or leave us your contact details so we can call you back.



Let’s Create Together! Contact us for more details!